After a week-long battle with my TCL Roku Tv, I still can not enjoy my favorite shows.

Image Courtesy of Roku’s Twitter

I must say, It has been a shitty couple of weeks. With work being an absolute shit show, my depression flaring up due to feeling as if my life is going nowhere, and my body feeling as if it were fire every night thanks to the aforementioned job. Typically, I would lay in bed on weeks like this and watch my favorite shows and videos on my newly purchased 55-inch TCL Roku TV. For the past two months, I have been lucky enough…

Tom and Jerry’s recent theatrical release showcased just how timeless the characters truly are.

Image courtesy of IMDB.

This duo, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, has been part of our lives for many decades. Originally appearing as shorts before the start of theatrical movies, the Tom and Jerry cartoons have entertained scores of men, women, and children alike. Now, it is their turn to be the main attraction on the big screen.

The Premise

We open to a very jovial tomcat who daydreams of one-day being the pianist of a major show (in this case, John Legend). Keyboard grasped under his paw…

Wayward Distractions and Quantum Astrophysicists Guild made an otter-tastic puzzle platforming game coming to all platforms on March 18th.

Image from Quantum Astrophysicists Guild Press Kit

Indie developer Wayward Distractions and publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild created an otter-centric puzzle platformer set in the 2500s. After depleting the Earth of all of its resources and leaving all animals to fend for themselves, multiple rafts came together to fall in the footsteps of the very humans that left them behind and attempt to emulate them and build their spaceship. After two attempts to leave Earth (Mission Alpha and Mission Bravo) failed, the advanced group of otters, with other…

Making its triumphant return to the Call of Duty franchise

On February 8th, Treyarch released an update to bring League Play back to Call of Duty. For those who do not know the importance of this, let me educate you a bit. League Play is a competitive mode within Black Ops Cold War that pits eight people up against one another with the same maps and rule sets used in the Call of Duty League. Two teams of four battle it out in three different game modes, across six maps, to see who comes out the victor. …

How a week away from the world can change the way you look at it.

Via Jill Guinn’s English Website

For the past week, I spent my time in a behavioral center that I checked myself into after realizing that I was using alcohol as a coping mechanism for the problems I had with the world around me. For some reason, I believed that the alcohol would make me happy and help me take my mind off of all the pain that I felt during the events of not only the past year but of my life as well.

Constantly throwing back can after can and drink after drink of any alcoholic beverage I got my hands on only made…

The second title in the Wonder Woman franchise, if you want to call it that, really lives up to the “sequel theory.”

On Christmas day, Warner Brothers and DC Comics released the follow-up to the first Wonder Woman movie through theatrical release and a 31-day premium release for HBO Max subscribers. After I saw the first Wonder Woman movie, I was rather stoked to see the next movie in this franchise and only hoped that it would live up to the first, and I hate to say this, but I feel that it fell flat.

The Premise

We come across Diana Prince moving on from the events of the first movie, of course, set about 70 years prior, moving on from the…

How one glitch can cause fans to drop off if not attended to.

Every year in the Call of Duty franchise, developers create many weapon camo challenges for players to grind through. These camos are used to decorate your guns and more or less “flex” to show how much of a grind you have been on since the game’s release. Usually, there is one camo everyone aims for in any Call of Duty game (per the last few years). That being the highly coveted Dark Matter camo, which is unlocked after every weapon camo challenge has been completed with each weapon. …

Treyarch has done it again!

A new Call of Duty title is upon us, and it is time to rejoice, as we no longer have to play the sweat fest known as Modern Warfare! Treyarch is back in full swing as they have just released their newest Call of Duty title, Black Ops Cold War. After only having a year and a half to develop a follow-up to the ever-popular Blacks Ops 1 title, Treyarch delivers in what I can only explain as one of Treyarch’s best games yet.

Upon booting up the game, I feel like I am back…

Robert Kirkman’s heroic world takes a dark turn for the better.

Image acquired from

I had only recently become aware of Robert Kirkman's take on the superhero genre after the trailer's release for the Amazon Prime Video adaptation of his comic series, Invincible. After hearing that JK Simmons was going to be taking on the role of Omni-Man, a superhero on Earth who has a lot of the same powers that a hero such as Superman has, I immediately became intrigued. I then opened up my Comixology app and divulged into Kirkmans’ Heroic-yet-twisted world.

At first glance, one may believe that Invincible is just another superhero comic, and you would be half right. In…

DC Universe’s shift from all-encompassing entertainment to strictly comics.

Photo Taken from DC Universe.

Not too long ago, DC Comics announced that its streaming service, DC Universe, would be going in a new direction. Many changes will be made, including moving all DC Universe Television content over to HBO Max and making the already popular service a digital comic service known as “DC Universe Infinite.” Even though Infinite has not fully launched yet, it seems that DC comics wanted to start implementing digital-first comics for subscribers to enjoy.

The current line-up consists of Batman: Gotham Nights, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Harley Quinn: Black+White+Red, Flash: Fastest Man Alive, Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace, and Aquaman…

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