Roku, TCL, You Have Some Explaining to Do.

Drake Benton
3 min readMay 21, 2021

After a week-long battle with my TCL Roku Tv, I still can not enjoy my favorite shows.

Image Courtesy of Roku’s Twitter

I must say, It has been a shitty couple of weeks. With work being an absolute shit show, my depression flaring up due to feeling as if my life is going nowhere, and my body feeling as if it were fire every night thanks to the aforementioned job. Typically, I would lay in bed on weeks like this and watch my favorite shows and videos on my newly purchased 55-inch TCL Roku TV. For the past two months, I have been lucky enough to do exactly that. Ten days ago, that all changed.

One night I fell asleep watching Modern Family on Hulu and did not bother to turn off my television before sleeping because I have never had an issue with it before. So, like many nights, I let my television turn itself off in the middle of the night. The following morning before having to go to work, I wanted to enjoy the newest episode of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. As I turned on the television, I noticed that the internet would not connect to my television. With only about 45 minutes before going to work, I decided to ignore the problem and fix it the following day.

With Work being over, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole trying to find the solution to my problem. After multiple videos, I found several different ways to fix my possible issue. The first solution was a simple restart on my massive television. I ended up restarting my television about six times. This did absolutely nothing to fix the issue. A message saying “device not connected” consistently popped up in the top right-hand corner.

The next option was to do a factory reset, which I finally decided to do just a few nights ago. I ended up doing several. This was something that I hoped I would not have to do because I knew that meant that I would have to completely set up my television and my Roku account for the second time. This is quite a lengthy process, but I figured that it was my best bet. So, I went through the entire process again, thinking that it would be pretty simple, boy. Was I wrong.

I spent TWO Hours attempting to re-activate my Roku account. After each attempt, I became angrier and angrier. I had twelve activation e-mails sent to my account. Only one of those e-mails seemed to get me back into my account. At that point in time, I genuinely wanted to throw my remote into the wall and throw the television into the trash as it now feels like a fifty-five-inch paperweight.

I consider myself to be rather tech-savvy but am never afraid to ask for help when it is needed the most. If anyone who reads this has any solutions that I could possibly try, please let me know.

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